Here's what a few of my clients have to say about their training experiences with me.


“Down to earth and encouraging, Barton tailored workouts to exactly fit my fitness goals and time restraints. In fact, I found that working out could take a lot less time than I thought. Following one of his programs, I noticed a difference in definition in just a few weeks, and I’ve definitely noticed that I’m stronger and ache less after a sparring session. HENCH!"

Maie Crumpton, Head of Communications


“Barton's varied and interesting workouts along with his extensive knowledge, boundless enthousiasm and sense of humour, makes me want to push myself further and I look forward to each session. After 3 months, I feel great, with tonnes of energy and my scoliosis hardly bothers me anymore. Didn't know getting fit could be so much fun!"
Samira Helmy, Tattoo Artist


“Barton has been an inspiration in health and wellbeing. In the last 2 years he has encouraged me to never give up with fitness and there is always much to learn. His training method for martial arts has been a very easy process to absorb and his patience and encouragement, along with his techniques and advice, have helped me advance in my training. A great fitness coach is all I can say. Thankyou Barton!"​
David Hotait, Real Estate Agent


“One of the best things about training with Barton is his dedication to his clients’ health and fitness. He keeps you motivated from warm-up to cool-down, and prepares routines that are a perfect combo of challenging, invigorating, and fun. Most importantly, training with Barton is sure to get results – since incorporating a few of his routines into my fitness regime my strength has increased, I’m running faster and, overall, I feel like I’m in peak condition. In short: training with Barton rocks!​"
Patrick Seguin, Copywriter


“I can’t thank Barton enough for introducing me to weight training. I started working out almost 2 years ago; for the amount of time and effort I was putting in I wasn’t getting the results I was after. I approached Barton who changed my whole perspective on working out. Within a very short time I felt stronger, saw changes in my body and felt great for the first time! Not only was it actually fun to train with him but I was seeing more results and putting in less hours than what I would normally do per week. He knew exactly what I wanted and developed a plan that would work for me …..So once again thankyou Barton, you're a legend!!!

Elvan Kocak, Facility Management Consultant


"Barton is a rare breed of trainer: he combines a thorough knowledge of the body, with a passion for fitness and a creative streak that ensures each & every work out is effective, engaging & entertaining. His approach leaves no room for boredom! Barton has been my personal trainer since 2012, and under his guidance I have seen phenomenal changes in my body & fitness. I refer my patients to him, knowing they are in safe hands & will see exceptional results."
Dr. Emma Zappia, Chiropractor


“My sessions with Barton have helped me this year to recover from injury and helped me to achieve my weight loss goals. His style of training has offered me a variety of ways to train and the flexibilty to train anywhere without the need of expensive equipment. His approach is holistic and he is able to explain things in a way that makes sense. Each session is personalised and tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of my body.I  have certainly noticed a huge difference since training with him and I have lost close to 8 kilos in the process. He is patient and professional in all that he does and it is clear from Bartons methods, his philosophy and his mantras, that he has a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body. I believe a good personal trainer is one that is able to cater to any age, ability or fitness level and someone who is able to encourage and inspire others towards a positive lifestyle. Barton certainly has this affect on people and I would confidently recommend him to anyone.”​
Teila Turner, Teacher​


"I love Barton's MMA classes! After being in many different ones at the gym I'd say Barton's is the BEST, he always tries to make it interesting and fun, plus he's got such a great energy and truly inspires me. Go Barton!"
Shanshan Du, Human Resources


"My 5 personal training sessions with Barton have been excellent. I struggle to put on weight and I have acheived more working with Barton in 5 weeks than I have in 3 years of going to the gym. Barton has taught me a lot about training and nutrition that has inspired me to work hard and be healthier in everything I do. Thanks!"

Ryan Curtis, Graphic Designer


"Barton's ability to listen and understand what I was looking for was spot-on. He had a distinct ability to push me but also understand what was too much. I loved the fact that we used bodyweight as a foundation for training and his knowledge on how to maximise each exercise was excellent. Looking forward to a few more sessions in the near future.

Nathan Gallagher, Advertising Manager