Music and Martial Arts

Before I was a martial artist and a PT I was a musician. Music has always been a major part of my life; from hours and hours locked away in my room playing guitar, to building my own guitars, earning a degree in Music Technology and working in recording studios as an engineer. My focus shifted to fitness when I moved to Australia, but music is, and always will be there. I've always seen music and martial arts as being analogous to one another and I approach them both in the same way. You're learning a language and making it your own! In both pursuits you first learn the basics; you might learn 4 chords and only in a certain order, then as you progress you learn to improvise and tailor what you know to suit you. You weave in between the notes. You find your sound. Music and martial arts are self expression.

#music #MartialArts #selfexpression #uniqueness

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