The positive side to injuries is that I've found adversity inspires my creativity, whether it be in music or in fitness. So taking a step back and accepting my injury, what can and can't I do?

Well, my right knee is braced and unstable, so for now this means no running, swimming, cycling, kicking or squating etc. My cardio has to come from upper body work. Now is the time to focus on hand techniques in my martial arts. With all this in mind, I designed this workout and once again, it's a challenge!

30 Pushups, 10 Pullups or Chinups, 100 Crunches

Then repeat, but 90 Crunches. Then 80 Crunches. Repeat until you get down to 10 Crunches.

Your time to beat is 20 minutes!

TIPS: Pushups - vary the hand position if you want but I did them all on my knuckles. Do them on your knees if you have to, don't stop! Pullups or chinups - full ROM but use bands to assist you if you struggle doing this movement. Crunches - I do them on a swiss ball as it's more agreeable on my back. I do 40 alternating Crunches in every set to work my obliques more.

I still can't quite complete the workout in 20 minutes, there is a lot of volume in this one! And the further into it, the less time you have to recover as you're doing less Crunches each set.

Look at it this way: in 20 minutes you're aiming for 300 Pushups, 100 Pullups and 550 crunches. Can you handle it?

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