HENCH Kitchen: Whipped Coconut Cream

When I'm making food I like to keep things simple. The fewer, unprocessed ingredients the better. This goes really well with the peanut butter/oat cookies I posted about before and is really easy to make.

The best coconut cream I've found so far is Ayam's as it's not full of preservatives or anything other than coconut cream. As close as you can get to 100% cream with no water etc in will work the best. Put the can, upside down, in the fridge over night. Then when you open it drain off the water that's separated and risen to the top. Take the thickened cream out and beat it with some cinammon, cocoa and a desert spoonful of peanut butter if you want to thicken it up a bit more. EASY!

#Whippedcoconutcream #Vegan #Healthyfood #Simple

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