HENCH Bit! - The Hindu Squat

As a fighter, my goal is predominantly to develop explosive power. Without a solid foundation of strength this goal is difficult to obtain though. The great thing about Hindu Squats are that they build both; the burn in my legs can get crazy after doing a few minutes of these!

Like my Hench Fit system, the aim is volume, but this has to be built up to. Start with 50 reps and then each session do a few more. At the end of a workout I'll sometimes see how many I can do in 5 minutes. My best so far has been 252. I learnt this exercise from a DVD by Matt Furey called 'Combat Conditioning' and the aim there is to do 500 reps in the least amount of time possible. I've never done 500 reps up till now, so I still have lots of room for improvement!

Give them a try! Note how you breathe out on the way DOWN. As a trainer, my queuing point for breathing is usually 'Exhale On Exertion'; a fighter performing a technique will find that their power is directly linked to exhaling using the diaphragm as they strike. But for Hindu Squats the breathing is in reverse; like with an accordian, the air goes out when your body is compressed. This move will teach you a lot about timing and rhythm and help you gain an awareness of your own body.

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