End Level Boss

Achivement unlocked! It took me 10 attempts but today I finally nailed my 555% workout in under 30 minutes! If something doesn't make you nervous at the thought of it, then where is the excitement in attempting it? I simplified my thought process to get through this workout; it boiled down to KEEPING MOVING. I refused to rest in between exercises, even if it meant going slower I carried on. This is like life; no matter what setbacks you encounter just keep on the path you've begun!

My time: 28mins 58secs Ave heartrate: 161bpm Max heartrate: 184bpm Total calories: 487

The workout:

100 skips, 20 x 60kg deadlift, 20 x squat/press holding two 10kg weights, 11 x pullups, 20 x pushups (on knuckles if possible), 20 x dips between chairs, 20 x ab wheel rollouts

3 circuits in 30 mins = Subordinate henchman 4 circuits in 30 mins = Henchman 5 circuits in 30 mins = End Level Boss

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