High Intensity Workouts are what my Hench Fit system is all about. This is my most brutal and challenging one yet; even I cant complete it to End Level Boss standard. It's taken me 4 attempts to complete the circuit 4 times through in under 30 minutes, so that should give you an idea of how intense this is!


During your 5-10 minute warm up/joint mobilisation be sure to activate your glutes and posterior chain. I recommend some glute bridges and superman variations. Just get switched on!

*100 skips *20 x 60kg deadlift (70% of my bodyweight) *20 x squat/arnold press (10kg weight in each hand. Ladies can use 5kg weights) *11 x pullups (use a resistance band for assistance if unable to do them unaided) *20 x pushups on knuckles (or just on palms) *20 x dips between 2 chairs (or feet on the floor if this is too hard) *20 x ab wheel rollouts

Subordinate Henchman - 3 circuits in 30 minutes Henchman - 4 circuits in 30 minutes End Level Boss - 5 circuits in 30 minutes

THE CATCH: Once you begin an exercise you CANNOT stop/let go/put knees on floor/drop the weights. You have to commit to the 20 reps and can only rest at the end of the exercise if you need to. NO CHEATING ON THE REPS. The deadlift bar has to touch the floor. Your elbows have to touch your knees when you squat. Do the pullups from a dead hang: no swinging. This isn't Cross Fit!

The workout is called 555% because that's how many reps you'll have completed if you're an End Level Boss.

My best time so far was 26mins 15secs for 4 circuits and I've had to practice to get that time! My average heartrate was 161bpm and I maxed out at 188bpm. I burned 451 calories. For the next couple of weeks I'm only going to be doing this circuit until I can complete it 5 times in under 30 minutes. We shall see how I progress

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