Women in the gym have said to me so many times "I don't want to look bulky or too muscular" and I have to convince them to not be scared to lift heavy things.

Then I always hear guys saying how "A woman should be 'soft', a woman shouldn't look like this they should look like that" etc. This is just society pressuring us to be a certain way.

People focus too much on the physical; they are missing what the life of an athlete says about a person's personality and attitude before you've even met them. You know that they are disciplined, focused, have integrity and always give their best, which are all positive things we should all aspire to possess.

In this day and age a woman can be, or look like, whatever the hell she wants! If you have a problem with that then maybe you should take a step back and ask yourself why that is.


1. Sugar Neekz Johnson - Boxing 2. Yolanda Springbok Schmidt - Muay Thai 3. Lauryn Eagle - Boxing

#Strongwomen #Athletes #Boxing #MuayThai

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