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The majority of my workouts are time-based and there's a big reason for this: the way you train has to reflect your goals or what you want to achieve. So what were my goals when I developed this system?

1. I had to maintain, and even improve, my fitness in spite of being seriously injured with a shattered spine. 2. I couldn't compressively load my spine or train for a long duration of time. 3. At the heart of it all, I want to be a better fighter and martial artist. There is no point training like a powerlifter as that would make me slow and sluggish. Strength is not related to size. Technique and precision wins over muscle mass any day. My exercise system had to be dynamic and keep people moving.

An MMA fight is 3x5 minute rounds, unless it's a title bout and then it's 5x5 minutes. It makes sense to train for double the minimum, which is why I settled on a 30 minute format for the workouts. The circuit format also adds to your sense of discipline; you have to focus knowing the circuit will repeat itself 3 or 4 times. That takes will power and determination. Never quit!

We tend to lose sight of how far we've come, put ourselves down, or compare ourselves to others. HENCH Fit is all about beating yourself! By making it time-based you know what improvements you're making. Let's take my last workout, and myself, as an example.

The first time I put together 'Crazy 20's' was while I was working out, it evolved while I was exercising with me thinking "What can I do next?". So my time to complete it was 34mins 28secs. The next time I knew exactly what I was going to do and prepared everything so I could go from one exercise straight to another. I completed the circuit in 28min 40secs. I burned 480 calories and my max heartrate was 174bpm. The 3rd time I finished the workout in 24mins 48secs. My max heartrate was 171bpm and I burned 378 calories. By the 4th time, I was down to 340 calories, with a max heartrate of 171bpm.

So through a combination of preparation, speed and economy of technique I had become more efficient and noticably improved my fitness, all in the space of just over a week.

My exercise system works and even I am not beyond improvement!

Crazy 20's: Under 30 minutes = Subordinate Henchman Under 27.5 minutes= Henchman Under 25 minutes = End Level Boss

Give it a try, I want you to beat me!

#Progression #Efficiency #Technique #Focus

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