Try one of my Hench HIT (High Intensity Training) workouts; don't let the simplicity fool you, the point of these 30 minutes are to push yourself as much as impossible. The only person you have to beat is yourself!


Begin with 10 minutes of mobility work, a light jog, running on the spot, twisting and general warming up of limbs and joints. This is your time to switch on and get your game face on smile emoticon When the clock hits 10 minutes, it's on! Complete the following as fast as possible:

5 sets of - *100 skips *1 min pushups (as many as possible; on your toes or knees doesn't matter, just get them done!) *10 pull ups (Use a resistance band on the bar and under your knees if you need assistance). No swinging! This isn't Cross Fit ;)

The aim is to complete the lot, including warm up, in 30 minutes:

Subordinate Henchman: Under 30 minutes. Henchman: Under 27.5 minutes. End-Level Boss: Under 25 minutes.

Try and beat me! My best time is currently 23:55. The first round of pushups I did 72, all subsequent rounds I managed 40. I burned 582 calories.

Enjoy, have fun and remember to STRETCH afterwards!

#HenchHIT #Bodyweight #InteseWorkout #30minutesorless

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