Whatever you would like to improve or work on fitness-wise I would be honoured to help you in your journey! Tell me your goals and I will work with you to help you achieve them. I have experience with many aspects of health and fitness, such as:
Weight lifting
, high intensity conditioning, bodyweight exercises, weight loss, injury rehab, group fitness classes, strength, cardio, running, MMA, boxing for fitness and more!


            HENCH FITNESS


What is HENCH? Hench is about turning your weaknesses into strengths, being the best version of yourself you can be and never giving up! Set your mind into motion and the body will follow. My fitness philosophy is grounded in my need to become a better fighter; everything you build has to have a purpose, there's no point building size for the sake of it. Leave your ego at the door, trust in yourself and learn how to get HENCH!

           HENCH KITCHEN

"You can't get strong on a vegan diet": I beg to differ. As an athlete I have become stronger, fitter and leaner by not eating meat, dairy or sugar. It doesn't have to be expensive or pretentious! With Hench Kitchen you will learn how to cook simple, cheap and healthy food to fuel your fitness journey.

           MARTIAL ARTS


Creative expression from martial arts comes from knowing yourself, and this knowledge is transferable into your day-to-day life. Learn how these disciplines and techniques can benefit not only your fitness, but also your self-confidence. 

           HENCH HIT


Adversity is the best teacher. Circumstances led me to develop and practice my own system of exercise: HENCH HIT (High Intensity Training). Bodyweight based, this system is adaptable to any level of fitness, takes only 30 minutes and will enable you to burn up to 600 calories per session!

           HENCH BIT


These are little, bite-sized pieces of information that will teach or advise you on a fitness or martial arts technique. The longest journey often begins with the smallest step, and little adjustments in the way we do something can often have a profound effect on our progress or success.